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How to Stretch a Leather Jacket

The iconic, leather jacket oozes masculine style but an aged or stiff jacket is less than pleasurable to wear. A leather jacket sh...

Dynamic Stretching With Deep Knee Bends

When you leave the office and head to the playing field, dance studio or gym, you've got to prepare your body for action. If you'v...

How to Stretch Out the Elastic Waist on Tights

Tights are a timeless addition to both casual and more formal styles; they allow for added warmth while streamlining a look. Tight...

How to Use a Foam Roller to Make Cellulite Disappear

One powerfully simple method is to use gentle pressure and your own body weight to release the body’s connective tissue. Foam ro...

Sciatica Stretching Exercises

Sciatica is usually caused by a herniated or protruding disk, which pinches the nerve. The pain typically starts in your lower bac...

Hip Capsule Stretches

The hip capsule is a ligament that connects the top of the leg to the pelvis. The hip is a ball and socket joint like the shoulder...

Stretches for Pain in the Knees

The knee is subject to a lot of force when walking, running, playing sports, climbing stairs or lifting and carrying items for wor...

The Best Workout Videos for Increasing Flexibility

Flexibility is the third element in a comprehensive fitness program, along with cardiovascular exercise and strength training, tho...

Quad Stretches for Runners

Stretching the quads is essential for runners. It reduces the risk of injury and can improve strength and endurance during a run. ...

Hand Exercises for Knitters

Many knitters know the joy and pain of marathon crafting sessions in which "just one more row" turns into another 6 inch...
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