What Is Calcium Fructoborate?

Calcium fructoborate is a compound of boron, fructose and calcium found naturally in plant foods. It is also made synthetically and sold as a nutritional supplement. Research on calcium fructoborate is relatively new but suggests it may improve blood lipids, reduce inflammation and oxidation, complement cancer therapy and treat osteoporosis with few side effects.

Dyslipidemia (Abnormal Levels of Lipids)

A study published in the May 2011 issue of "Biological Trace Element Research" investigated the effects of a calcium fructoborate supplement taken for two weeks. Compared to those on the placebo, subjects taking the supplement showed slight improvements in triglyceride, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol levels. The marginal improvements might become more significant with longer supplementation.


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Inflammation and Oxidation

In the lab, calcium fructoborate has antioxidant properties capable of protecting cells from oxidant induced injury and inflammation, as reported in "Biological Trace Element Research" in November 2005. This appears to happen in the body as well. Calcium fructoborate supplements given to arthritis patients had beneficial effects on inflammatory markers and reduced joint pain, according to the January 2011 issue of the same journal.



Exposure to calcium fructoborate inhibited the growth and spread of breast cancer cells and induced normal cell death, reports a June 2008 study in "Biological Trace Element Research." Boron-containing compounds, like calcium fructoborate, interfere with the physiology and reproduction of cancer cells. Prostate, breast, cervical and lung cancers appear to be most responsive to this effect. Besides improving cancer treatment outcomes, a study published in "Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry" in May 2010 found that boron-rich diets resulted in a significantly lower risk for prostate and cervical cancer and decreased lung cancer risk in smoking women.



Most people know that calcium and vitamin D are essential for strong bones. But other minerals also play a role, including boron. A September 1993 review published in "Magnesium Research" reported improved bone mineral density in women taking boron supplements. Boron supplements are more effective and less dangerous when taken in certain forms. Calcium fructoborate supplements mimic naturally occurring boron and are considered more effective and safe.


Natural Versus Synthetic

A synthetic supplement of calcium fructoborate is a copy of the natural compound and will have similar effects. However, it is an isolated form and probably doesn't contain other nutrients that natural sources do, which can change the way it is digested and absorbed. Currently this supplement appears to be safe, but specific amounts needed to achieve certain benefits are unknown, as well as what amount is harmful. Consult with your doctor before taking this or any supplements. To achieve better results in the prevention and treatment of certain conditions, include a wide variety of plant-based foods in your diet to obtain calcium fructoborate from food rather than relying on supplements.




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