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Protein supplements add a boost of high-quality protein to your diet, whether your goal is to build muscle, lose weight or recover from illness. When including a supplement in your nutrition plan, however, you may want to avoid ingredients that can detract from your health. For example, if you are limiting your dietary cholesterol, low-cholesterol protein supplements may be a healthy choice. Protein isolates are a type of concentrated protein supplement with extraneous ingredients removed. Seek the advice of a dietitian before adding any supplements to your meal plan.


Whey Isolate

Whey isolate consists of whey protein, the second most abundant protein in cow's milk. Processed to remove lactose and fat, including cholesterol, whey isolate provides your diet with all the essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein your body is unable to synthesize. In addition to the high quality of its protein, whey isolate features a fast-digesting and fast-absorbing protein, meaning the amino acids it contains rapidly enter your bloodstream and move through your body to where they are needed. Whey isolate not only helps you keep your cholesterol intake low but also gives your body a quick influx of amino acids.


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Casein Isolate

Casein is the most plentiful protein in cow's milk. Casein isolate, similar to whey isolate, is rich in protein with very low levels of contaminating cholesterol or other milk fats. The protein in casein isolate supplements is a complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids you need to consume in your diet. In contrast to whey, your body digests and absorbs casein slowly, providing you with a modest yet sustained flow of amino acids from your digestive system into your bloodstream and then to your tissues. Casein isolate supplies you with a prolonged, steady supply of amino acids in a low-cholesterol package.


Egg Isolate

Egg protein supplements come from egg whites, the part of the egg containing no cholesterol. Egg protein isolates are, therefore, cholesterol-free by nature. As with all sources of animal protein, egg-based protein supplements consist of high-quality proteins encompassing the full complement of amino acids you must include in your daily diet for optimal health. Along with whey and casein protein isolates, egg protein isolates offer a low-cholesterol protein supplement to add to your diet.


Soy Isolate

Plant-based food sources do not contain cholesterol. Soy protein isolate, manufactured from soybeans, is therefore free from cholesterol. Soy is one of the few plant sources of protein containing all your essential amino acids, and is on par with casein and egg protein in terms of digestibility. Adding soy isolate to your diet provides you with a low-cholesterol protein supplement to bolster your fitness plan.




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