How to Juice Fast for Thyroid

The thyroid, located in the front portion of the neck just below the voice box, regulates metabolism and calcium levels. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are two health complications resulting from an underactive thyroid and an overactive thyroid, respectively. Although most thyroid conditions are treated with either medication or surgery, certain foods might also impact the health of the thyroid. Although juice fasting is traditionally utilized as a method of detoxification, performing a juice fast might also help introduce new fruits and vegetables into the diet for thyroid health.

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Step 1

Consult your primary health care adviser regarding your condition and additional treatment options. If placed on medication, certain food products should be avoided in the juice fast so as to ensure proper absorption of those medications.

Step 2

Juice fruits and vegetables that are abundant in thiamine and selenium. A study published in the March 1969 edition of the "Journal of Nutrition" indicated that thiamine, or vitamin B1, is vital for optimal thyroid health. A deficiency in thiamine results in interference with metabolism. Furthermore, researcher David Williams recommends fruits and vegetables containing selenium and zinc for thyroid health. Oranges, spinach and cantaloupes contain thiamine, while avocado, bananas, blackberries and figs contain selenium and zinc.

Step 3

Avoid incorporating soy products, such as soy milk, and dairy products, such as yogurt, into the juice fast, as both might interfere with thyroid function. A study published in the March 2006 edition of "Thyroid" concluded that the isoflavones in soy food products interfere with the absorption of thyroxine, a medication utilized to treat hypothyroidism.

Step 4

Ingest the juice between four and six times daily. Supplement the juice with another four to six 8 oz. glasses of water.

Step 5

Repeat steps 2 through 4 for three days initially. If during that period you experience dizziness or fatigue, discontinue the juice fast. Otherwise, you might continue with the fast for up to seven days.

Step 6

Complete the juice fast by gradually introducing solid foods back into your diet, focusing on those that are abundant in thiamine, selenium and zinc.

Things You'll Need

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  • Vegetables

  • Measuring cup

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