Can a Colonic Flatten Your Stomach?

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According to the September 2007 issue of "Scientific American," more than 1.3 billion people worldwide are obese. Dr. Lan Liang of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality says, "Waistlines aren't the only thing poised to balloon in the future." She estimates that health care costs, directly related to excess pounds, will soon account for one of every six health care dollars spent in the U.S. So having a large waistline can be problematic on many levels. However, in many cases, colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic, can help flatten the stomach.


What are Colonics?

Outside of helping to eliminate girth around the abdominal area, colonics are also a preventive health tool. Dr. Norman Walker, a pioneer of the raw foods movement and renown colon therapist, advised that colonics can both counteract disease as well as detoxify the body. People who administer colonics are called colon hydrotherapists. However, since colon hydrotherapists are not doctors, consult your doctor before getting a colonic. Colonics are like enemas, except that the entire colon, the small intestines and some other organs are cleansed as opposed to only the first foot of the colon. Thus, colonics can help improve your overall health.


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Can Colonics Flatten the Stomach?

Improper eating habits result in undigested food that sits in your colon and spoils. Over time, this waste accumulates around the gut; this undigested food causes the stomach to protrude. As a result, a number of people who have that stubborn belly fat that just won't go away really are just experiencing a clogged colon. Autopsies on adults have revealed colons with a passageway the diameter of a pencil. Nonetheless, colonics can remove these toxins, or undigested foods, thereby flattening the stomach.

Cleansing the colon is vital for weight loss. A clean colon vastly reduces food cravings. It is recommended to do 15 colonics in a 30-day period to achieve rapid results in weight loss. Consult your doctor before engaging in such a program. The average person can lose 5 to 15 lbs. The major precaution is that taking this number of colonics in such a short period of time will detoxify you very quickly. As a result, you may experience some detoxification symptoms, such as nausea.


Are Colonics Safe?

If administered correctly, a colonic can be a safe and pain-free technique. You can help to ensure that your colonic is carried out properly. First, you need to ensure that the facility, where you receive your colonic is clean and that it uses purified water. Second, check the credentials of the colon hydrotherapist. Last, opt for disposable scopes -- the small tube placed into the rectum. When performed by qualified personnel, the only reported side effect of colonics is the loss of friendly bacteria in the gut. Yet, this problem can be easily remedied with a good probiotic supplement. You can help to safeguard yourself.


How Many is Too Many?

Many people feel that taking too many colonics can be unsafe, but how many is too many? One colonic, however, is not enough. In the beginning, a series of seven colonics is recommended. After that, take a minimum of one colonic every season. You can take colonics as often as twice per week. It just depends on how well you are able to handle the rate of detoxification. You have to listen to your body.



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