Does SlimFast Curb Your Appetite?

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When you're changing how you eat to lose weight, your biggest battle may be controlling your hunger. While many people lose weight following the SlimFast plan, liquid meal replacements tend not to curb your appetite as well as solid food.

SlimFast Basics

The SlimFast diet plan works by helping you reduce and control your calorie intake by drinking shakes or eating bars as meal and snack replacements. On the plan, you are instructed to eat or drink a SlimFast product at two meals and eat one 500-calorie regular meal. The plan also allows you three 100-calorie Slim Fast snack bars.


Solids Versus Liquids

When it comes to satiety, or hunger control, studies seem to indicate that liquid meal replacements are not as satisfying as solid food. A study published in Obesity and Surgery in 2013 found that a meal replacement bar curbed the appetite better than a liquid meal replacement.