How to Make Your Legs Skinnier Without Exercise

Climbing steps will burn calories and tone your legs.
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To shed fat in your legs, you should decrease your calorie intake, eat a healthy diet and lead a more active lifestyle. You don't necessarily need to go to a gym or specifically designate a time every day to exercise if you have an active lifestyle. The American Heart Association suggest at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity, such as biking and walking. There are simple things you can do to seamlessly incorporate activity into your day that will help you lose weight, tone up and improve your overall health.


Step 1

Think holistically about how to live a healthy life.
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Think holistically about how to live a healthy life. Instead of focusing just on your legs, focus on feeling healthy, content and balanced, and when you achieve that, you will be more likely to lose weight in your legs.

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Step 2

Reduce your calorie intake.
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Reduce your calorie intake. You should not consume more calories than you can burn. WebMD recommends a daily calorie intake of 1,600 to 2,400 calories, depending on gender, age and activity level.


Step 3

Eat a well-rounded balanced diet.
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Eat a well-rounded balanced diet composed of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, protein and healthy oils. Non-processed foods are easier for your body to metabolize, and having a balanced diet ensures that you get all of the nutrients your body needs to function properly.


Step 4

Increase your physical activity.
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Increase your physical activity. You don't have to join a gym if you make an effort to get enough physical activity throughout your day. Attempt to walk 10,000 steps per day, which is approximately five miles.


Step 5

Make simple changes.
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Take the stairs instead of the elevator to burn calories, to tone your glutes and hamstrings and to shed fat in your legs. Create a goal for yourself. You can start with a few flights of stairs the first week and increase the number of flights you climb each week.


Step 6

Walk or ride your bike to work.
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Walk or ride your bike to work, to the grocery store and everywhere else when possible. Both walking and biking works your leg muscles and will help you create muscle tone.

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By consciously trying to live your life actively, you'll burn a lot more calories, improve your health and start to shed fat in your legs. Eventually, active living will become a routine and you won't have to think about it.


If you don't eat a healthy, balanced diet or incorporate activity into your lifestyle, you could gain weight, feel physically and emotionally sick and lose energy. This will exacerbate your problem of trying to lose weight in your legs and add a host of other health problems. Instead of focusing just on your legs, take a holistic view of how to improve your health and happiness.

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