How Does Water Flush Fat Out of Your System?

Water is a good diet aid, but it can't magically flush fat from your body. It helps with weight control by maintaining fluid balance, helping you feel full and controlling calorie intake. If you're trying to lose fat, consult your doctor or dietitian to help you design a healthy diet plan that includes adequate water to meet your daily requirements.

Water and Fluid Retention

Drinking water may not flush out the fat, but it can flush out the water. Drinking plenty of water may help if you have mild fluid retention. A well-hydrated body is less likely to retain fluids, according to the Better Health Channel. However, if your fluid retention is due to a medical condition, you may need to limit how much water you drink. Consult your doctor to discuss your individual water needs for managing fluid retention.


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Water and Satiety

Drinking water before you eat may help you eat less. A 2010 study published in Obesity investigated the effects of drinking 2 cups of water before meals on weight loss in a group of people following a low-calorie diet. The study found that the water-drinking group lost more weight than the control group. Drinking water before you eat helps fill you up so you eat less, which may help you lose weight.


Calorie-Free Beverage

One strategy to help reduce calorie intake for weight loss is to replace your high-sugar drinks, such as soda, with a low-calorie alternative. However, replacing regular soda with diet soda does not always help, according to a 2007 study published in Obesity. But replacing high-sugar drinks and diet drinks with water might. This study found that when overweight people motivated to lose weight and eat better drank water instead of their usual sugary drink, they ate fewer calories.


Getting Your Fill

Meeting your daily water needs can help you in your weight-loss efforts. How much water you need to drink to get the most benefits depends on your diet, exercise routine, health and weather. You can start by aiming for the basic recommended amount for adults, which is 8 to 12 cups a day, according to Clemson Cooperative Extension, and making adjustments as needed. Drinking it cold or adding a squeeze of lemon or lime may help improve taste so that you drink more.




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