Can You Eat Unlimited Fruit & Veggies & Lose Weight?

Eating healthier can lead to more efficient and quicker weight loss.

While it's a common belief that eating unlimited amounts of fruits and vegetables can help you lose weight, studies proving this as a fact are limited, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, consuming foods that are more nutritious and lower in calories can lead to better health, thereby promoting a healthier weight. Fruits and veggies meet these parameters and more. They are less dense than other foods and tend to make you feel full faster.


Healthy Diet

Along with daily exercise, maintaining a healthy diet can help you lose weight and keep it off, reducing your risk for health conditions, such as heart disease, stroke and obesity. A healthy diet is made up mostly of fruits and vegetables. According to the Department of Agriculture's My Plate website, at least half of your plate during meals should be covered by fruits and veggies. Following such guidelines also can help you to cut out trans fat, saturated fat and cholesterol in your diet, which can lead to a healthier weight, suggests


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Food Cravings

Fruits and veggies also help you fight food cravings. Most people experience food cravings because their bodies need nutrients that are missing due to a poor diet, according to Peertrainer. Even if you feel full after eating, your body can crave nutrients, especially if you eat a lot of refined and manufactured foods that have been stripped of their natural nutrition during processing. Replacing such foods with fruits and veggies can help you feel more nutritionally satisfied, thereby, keeping you from craving more food and gaining unwanted pounds, says Peertrainer.



Well-planned, healthy snacks can help you lose weight and keep it off, reports Starvation dieting can ultimately lead to weight gain because starvation dieters seem to develop and maintain a hunger that can't be satisfied. It's easier to give up on dieting when you're constantly hungry and your body isn't getting the nutrition it needs. Plus, when the body goes into starvation mode, it automatically slows down and holds on to fat for survival, and weight loss is slowed, according to WeightWatchers. Since your body tends to crave nutrients when dieting, eating frequent, smaller and healthier meals throughout the day can help thwart this kind of hunger and help your body naturally and progressively burn calories.


Quicker Weight Loss

Eating more fruits and veggies can provide your body with the nutrients it desires, according to Peertrainer. You tend to feel better both physically and mentally when you're getting the right nutrients. This can lead to an overall better mood and help keep you from craving food for emotional reasons, adds Peertrainer. Therefore, eating more nutrition-packed veggies, such as broccoli, spinach and green peppers, can help you feel better and lose more weight. Also consuming extra antioxidant super foods, such as blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, can give your body more energy and help you lose weight more quickly.




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