How to Read Your Height on Doctor Scales

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Reading a scale in a doctor's office should be simple, but it is not. In addition to measuring weight, you can also measure height. Normally, that should be a simple procedure, but do you stand facing the wall or with your back to the wall? Are your shoes on or off? Are your socks on or off?


Step 1

Take off your shoes before you get on a doctor's scale. If you are also getting weighed, you should take off your clothes (not including undergaments) and jewelry. Stand on the scale, looking toward the wall the scale is on. You will be weighed first. Adjust the sliders on the scale. The bottom row has denominations of 50 pounds. The top row has denominations of single pounds. Your weight is determined when the measuring portion of the scale (sitting inside a rectangle) balances between the top and bottom of that area.


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Step 2

Turn around and place your back against the long thin rod that runs along the center of the scale. Stand with both feet facing forward and flat. You should not be on your tip toes and your shoulders should not be slouching.

Step 3

Pull the silver rod at the end of the measuring tool out to a perpendicular position. As you remain in the measuring position, allow this tool to rest on top of your head. If you have springy and curly hair, press the rod down until it hits the top of your head.


Step 4

Hold the perpendicular rod in place as you get off the scale. Do not allow the rod to move from the point it was sitting when it was on your head. Look down at the scale to the part where measuring tool extends from its base. That number will reveal your height in inches. If that number is 72, you are six feet tall. If it is 71, you are 5-foot-11.

Step 5

Allow the nurse to conduct the height measurement. Under nearly all circumstances, this will assure an accurate reading. She will make sure you are in the right position to begin with, that you are standing straight and that the measuring rod is in the correct position.




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