Difference Between Trail Runners & Hiking Shoes

One factor that will help you determine the right footwear is the terrain you are going to cover.
Image Credit: lzf/iStock/Getty Images

If you plan on hiking or training in the woods or on trails, you need to ensure you are wearing proper shoes to reduce the risk of injury, according to the Davenport House Clinic. There are many different options, but some of the most common include basic hiking shoes and trail runners.

Different Shoes, Different Functions

Trail running shoes are meant for runners who train on both natural surfaces and dirt trails, and they offer support and traction. The soles are able to withstand things like mud and rocks to keep the runner safe. Hiking shoes are meant for those carrying extra weight, such as a backpack, and they provide lateral ankle support. These shoes are also a good option for those who train for extended distances because they provide additional cushioning.