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Air Purifiers

Air Purifier vs. Humidifier

Air Purifier vs. Humidifier. Air purifiers and humidifiers have different functions. Air purifiers are clean indoor air, but do no...

Health Effects of Ionizers

Ionizers are devices that disperse negatively or positively charged ions which attach to particles in the air. The particulate mat...

Ionic Air Purifier Dangers

Many people have allergies to airborne dust, mold, and pollen. These tiny particles can accumulate in your home environment, poten...

The Best Air Purifiers for Heavy Smokers

According to a 1993 report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), secondhand smoke is classified as a Group A carcinog...

Is Zeolite Safe for Human Consumption?

Zeolite is the name of related volcanic minerals consisting of hydrated aluminum and silicon. Found in natural soils, these minera...
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