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How to Treat Blisters on Your Hands

Blisters are a common ailment of the hands, which can be a result of friction-related damage, or burns. It is important to try to ...

What Are the Causes of Blisters on Hands & Feet?

Blisters are commonly caused by friction from tight shoes, herpes, chicken pox, poison ivy and allergic reactions. More uncommon a...

How to Put Moleskin Over a Blister

Blisters are painful. For the competitive or recreational runner, even a small blister can turn a record-breaking race into a slow...

What Foods to Avoid During a Shingles Outbreak

The painful, blistering skin rash commonly known as shingles is caused by the varicella-zoster virus, the same one that brings on ...

Blisters and Soccer

Blisters often are a problem in soccer, particularly on the feet. Tight-fitting shoes and aggressive running styles over long peri...

What Are the Treatments for Toddlers With Blisters?

Blisters, a raised pouch of skin filled with fluid, are typically the result of friction on your toddler's skin, but they'...

Nose Blisters in Children

Blisters in and around the nose are extremely painful and can quickly become infected. When children develop nose blisters, they r...

How to Get Rid of Foot Blisters

Tight or stiff shoes that rub against the skin of your feet can cause painful blisters. Sports Injury Clinic explains blisters are...

Blood Blister Treatment

Blood Blister Treatment. Blisters form when there is a separation in the upper layers of the skin. Fluid collects where the skin l...

A Blister-Like Growth Near My Fingernails

A growth near or under your fingernail can develop from a variety of ailments and skin infections. While many blister-like growths...
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