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5 Ways to Show a Loved One With Alzheimer's You Care

These simple “love tools” can be used by anyone who wants to emotionally connect with a parent, grandparent, friend or neighbo...

Early Stage Dementia & Vivid Dreams

Historically, dementia has been used as a catch-all phrase for symptoms of degenerative disorders of the brain. Several of these d...

Drugs That Cause Memory and Dementia Problems

The two main forms of memory are declarative memory and procedural memory. Declarative memory is memory of past events and facts, ...

Dementia Symptoms in the Elderly

Dementia is a disorder that is rare for people under the age of 60; the risk of dementia increases with age. The causes of dementi...

Dementia, Melatonin & Insomnia in the Elderly

Melatonin is promoted as a fast and natural sleep aid, with fewer side effects than traditional prescription sleep medications. It...

Causes of Dementia in a 50-Year-Old

A person may live a long life with a lucid mind and good memory. However, many senior citizens have dementia, or severe intellectu...

Brain Games for Dementia

Much has been written about the potential of “brain games” to prevent or at least delay the onset of dementia. But wha...

Final Stages of Lewy Body Dementia

Lewy body dementia, or LBD, is a common cause of dementia. According to the Lewy Body Dementia Association, 1.3 million Americans ...
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