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Ear Infections

Types of Strep Infections

Streptococcal bacteria are a major cause of disease. Different kinds of strep, including Streptococcus pneumoniae, group A Strepto...

How to Sleep With Ear Infections

Although most common in children, ear infections occur in people of all ages. Often, ear infections are complications of the cold ...

Children and Hot Tubs

Hot tubs can provide a relaxing experience for adults, but can be dangerous for children. A child is especially vulnerable to the ...

How to Heal Infected Stretched Ears

Stretching your earlobe may mean having to deal with an infection. Dr. Michael Hall, a family physician for DuBois Regional Medica...

A Home Remedy for Ear Infection With Garlic

The medicinal powers of garlic have been used by herbalists for centuries. This flavorful culinary herb is used to enhance overall...

How Long Can Swimmers Ear Linger?

Swimmer’s ear is a term used to describe outer ear or ear canal discomfort caused by infection, irritation or inflammation. ...

What Can I Do to Ease My Swimmer's Ear Pain?

If you spend a significant amount of time at the pool or beach, you have probably suffered from ear pain because of swimmer's...

Can Swimmer's Ear Cause Swelling of the Jaw & Ear?

Despite the name, you do not necessarily have to be a swimmer to get swimmer's ear. The risk of developing this condition goes...

Baby Ear Infection and Vomiting

Sometimes, the virus that causes ear infections in babies infects the gut. This leads to symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting. I...

Can Milk Protein Allergy Cause Ear Infections?

Consuming foods that trigger an allergic reaction places you at greater risk of developing secondary infections. Most symptoms fro...
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