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Mental and Physical Exhaustion

Exhaustion---also referred to as extreme fatigue---is a severe lack of energy that affects a person's ability to perform mental or...

How to Get Rid of Exhaustion

Exhaustion means more than an occasional yawn at work. If you constantly feel fatigued, there may be aspects of your life -- your ...

38 Weeks Pregnant & Sudden Exhaustion

Throughout pregnancy, many women complain of fatigue. In early pregnancy, this is due primarily to hormones and the many changes y...

How to Overcome Extreme Fatigue During Menstruation

Menstruation can be an unpleasant part of life for women. For most, however, it is no more than an inconvenience. For some, howeve...

Physical Exhaustion Symptoms

Physical exhaustion may be accompanied by many symptoms. According to a New York Times article published online in February 2008, ...

Causes of Aching Joints, Body Pain and Extreme Fatigue

Causes of Aching Joints, Body Pain and Extreme Fatigue. Heavy lifting, poor sleep or a particularly tough workout can lead to achi...

Extreme Fatigue in Children

Children experience tiredness from time to time, especially during their developmental years when they have growth spurts. General...

Abdominal Fat & Adrenal Exhaustion

In 1998, Dr. James L. Wilson, D.C., N.D., coined the term "adrenal fatigue" to describe a collection of symptoms, includ...

Low Phosphorus and Fatigue

Phosphorus is the second-most abundant mineral found in the body, after calcium. Although roughly 85 percent of all phosphorus in ...

Fatigue While Taking Probiotics

Your gut is filled with both friendly and unfriendly bacteria. Probiotics are supplements that help to increase the balance of fri...
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