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Foot Pain

Causes of Feet and Toe Numbness

Numbness of the feet and toes typically indicates a problem with the nerves that communicate sensory information from these struct...

Causes of Outer Foot Pain From Running

Although outer foot pain may occur in runners, running itself is not the cause of the discomfort. According to the Sports Injury C...

What Are the Causes of Foot Cramps While Sleeping?

The general reason for foot cramps while sleeping is decreased circulation in the foot. The drop in oxygen to the foot muscles cau...

Causes of Pain in the Toes

In addition to the irritation and discomfort that it causes, toe pain can make it difficult to walk and move around. Because of th...

The Best New Balance Shoes for Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain, and is felt by many athletes and casual exercisers alike. While many individuals...

The Best Walking Shoes for Heel Pain

Traditionally, unattractive shoes were the only answer for people seeking relief from the misery of heel pain. Now the best walkin...

Eight Conditions That Cause Heel Pain

Among adults, heel pain is the most commonly experienced form of foot pain. The calcaneus, which is the heel bone, is the largest ...

How to Get Relief From Foot Pain Caused by Standing 10 Hours per Day

Standing for 10 or more hours a day can wear your feet out quickly. When overuse of your feet results in swelling, tingling sensat...

Back Hip & Heel Pain

Back, hip and heel pain can happen for a number of reasons. Whether from an injury, excessive use or a medical procedure such as s...

Ankle & Foot Pain After Exercise

Your foot and ankle are comprised of many small bones that work together during exercise to help you run, shift your weight and ju...
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