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General Hair Care

Are Wooden High Chairs Safe?

If the natural materials and softer lines of antique or vintage-looking baby furniture appeal to you, a wooden high chair might to...

How to Blow Dry Hair for Volume With Velcro Rollers

You want to create voluminous, soft curls; but don't have the time to dry your hair and pull out the curling iron or hot rollers. ...

Mohawk for Girls With Long Hair

Mohawks can be fun and edgy, but they're usually worn by people with short hair. Creating a mohawk -- or a "faux-hawk&quo...

How to Avoid Curling Iron Creases in Hair

Bouncy ringlets are perfect for a night out with the girls or even a romantic date, but curling-iron creases can put a damper on y...

How to Prevent Split Ends When Flat-Ironing Your Hair

Flat irons are an essential beauty tool for a smooth, straight style, but over time, they can damage your hair and cause split end...

How to Turn an Afro Into Straight Hair With a Hot Comb

Since before Sarah Breedlove was the first female self-made millionaire, women have toiled with the coarseness of their hair. It w...

How to Prevent Hair From Flattening Overnight

When you slipped off to dreamland, you had perfectly styled hair; however, when you woke up, those treasured tresses went flat or ...

Can I Use Vegetable Oil for a Home Remedy for Dry Hair?

In short, yes, you can use vegetable oil as a home remedy for dry hair. However, the oil must be carrier oil -- the kind derived ...

How to Get Loose, Low Waves With Naturally Curly Hair

Loose, low waves are a sexy, beach-inspired style that you can easily create if your hair already has curls. With curly hair, crea...

Ingredients to Make Your Own Powder Hair Texturizer

Powder hair texturizers are ideal for adding volume to fine hair or freshening up when there's no time for a wash. They are best a...
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