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Hip Replacement

Most Common Side Effects After Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is most frequently used to alleviate painful symptoms experienced by patients with osteoarthritis, a condi...

Stretching & Contraindications for Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement is one of the most common surgical procedures performed. According to the American Association of Orthopedi...

Yoga & Hip Replacements

While some may believe hip replacement surgery is debilitating and greatly affects mobility, a few months of physical therapy and ...

About the Use of a Cane With a Hip Replacement

After your hip replacement, you may be anxious to return to your normal daily activities. Using a cane will allow you to walk more...

How to Run After a Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most effective means of restoring mobility and reducing the pain caused by osteoarthritis. A...

Cycling After a Hip Replacement

Rehabilitation after hip replacement surgery is a gradual process. You’ll begin some strengthening exercises as soon as the ...

Weight Training After a Hip Replacement

Weight training should be eased into after a hip replacement. It helps re-engage muscles as well as build muscle strength and endu...

Problems With a Numb Foot After Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement is major surgery, and as such runs the risk of post-operative complications. Neuropathy, or nerve damage, re...

How to Shower After Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery can restore your mobility after a hip fracture, or after the surgical replacement of a joint damaged by ar...

How to Walk After a Hip Replacement

A hip replacement is major surgery in which your eroded or otherwise damaged hip joint is replaced with a synthetic ball and socke...
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