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Itchy Nose

Home Remedies for a Runny Nose and Itchy Eyes

Nasal drainage and eye itching are common symptoms of allergies, including seasonal or pet allergies. Other possible causes of the...

Dry, Itchy Throat and Runny Nose

One of the first clues that you are coming down with a cold is an uncomfortably dry, scratchy feeling at the back of your throat, ...

Causes of Itchy Nose and Ears

Almost everyone has had some experience with symptoms of itchy nose, eyes and ears that are often accompanied by red, burning eyes...

Causes of an Itchy Face and Nose

An itchy face and nose can lead to plenty of discomfort. Several different skin disorders can affect the face and nose, leading t...

Itchy Nose Remedy

Coping with an itchy, irritated nose can be quite frustrating. Fortunately several remedies for this common complaint are availabl...

What Makes Your Nose Itch?

An itchy nose is often caused by allergies or a common cold. According to, having a family history of asthma or all...

How to Fight Allergies That Cause an Itchy Nose

Allergies can be mild to severe and are caused by a number of things, from dust to pollen or even pet dander. Allergy testing can ...
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