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Kidney Stone

Can Riding a Roller Coaster Actually Help Pass Kidney Stones?

Scientists recently confirmed a theory that riding rollercoasters could help with passing kidney stones....

Male Signs of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones form due to a crystallization of substances in the urine. This common condition occurs more often in men than women,...

Kidney Stone Infection Symptoms

When a kidney stone blocks the tubes that drain urine from the kidneys to the bladder, called the ureters, urine collects in the k...

How To Treat Kidney Stones Naturally

Kidney stones occur when mineral and salt acids accumulate in your kidneys, causing the development of rock-like deposits typicall...

Black Pepper and Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are crystal-like concentrations of minerals that normally pass from the kidney in urine or else become lodged in the...

Yoga for Kidney Stones

Your kidneys are two bean-shaped organs located in your middle back. Their main job is to filter waste products and excess water f...

Herbs That Remove Ascites in the Abdomen

Ascites is a condition where fluid builds up in the abdomen and may result in swelling, chest pain and shortness of breath. The ma...

Can Apple Juice Dissolve Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones account for more than 650,000 emergency room treatments every year, according to the Urology Center of the Rockies. ...

Can Lemon Juice Dissolve a Kidney Stone?

Passing a kidney stone can be a painful experience. And kidney stones often recur. According to Roger L. Sur, MD, director of Univ...

Does Soda Cause Kidney Stones?

You may love the bubbly, fizzy taste of a soda, but if you experience kidney stones, there are a few types you should avoid. While...
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