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Oral Cancer

Val Kilmer Denies Cancer but Suffers From Bizarre Tongue Malady

Val Kilmer has denied having oral cancer, but his first public appearance following the denial has people wondering if Michael Dou...

Jaw Cancer Symptoms

Jaw Cancer Symptoms. Cancer that arises in the jawbones is termed primary jaw cancer. Examples of primary jaw cancer include malig...

What Are the Causes of a Growth on the Roof of the Mouth?

You may be concerned if you suddenly notice a strange lump or bump anywhere on your body, including in your mouth. Lumps or growth...

Signs of Cancer in Your Mouth or Gums

Mouth cancer can develop on the lips, gums, tongue, the roof and floor of the mouth and inside the lining of the cheeks. According...

Early Signs of Squamous Cell Mouth Cancer

Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common type of mouth cancer. According to 2006 information from the Merck Manual, approximatel...
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