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Organs of the Human Body

No Joke, You're Eating Your Fleece Jacket at Every Meal

It turns out that we’re all chowing down on microscopic pieces of plastic released from an unlikely culprit: fleece coats....

Is Gwyneth Paltrow's Goat Milk Cleanse Actually Dangerous?

Gwyneth Paltrow admits she tried a goat milk cleanse for 8 days. Experts say this is dangerous and could do more harm than good....

Harmful Effects of Fertilizers

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, most fertilizers contain about the same basic materials: nitrogen, potassium, ph...

The Difference Between a Fungus & Bacteria

Differences Between Fungi and Bacteria. Bacteria and fungi occur in all environments. In humans, these lifeforms can be harmless p...

A List of Bad Bacteria

A List of Bad Bacteria. Bacteria are the oldest and most abundant life form on Earth. These microscopic, single-celled organisms l...

A List of Physiological Diseases

Physiology encompasses the tissue, organ and cellular functions of the human body. An optimally healthy body has normal physiology...

What Are the Functions of Trypsin?

Food proteins must be broken down into amino acids that your body uses for tissue growth, maintenance and repair. The enzyme calle...

How Does Insulin Lower Blood Sugar?

Everyone knows that glucose, or sugar, is needed to give the human body energy. That would not be possible without the interventio...

Why Is My Stomach Gurgling?

Weird bodily noises are embarrassing, but they’re also natural and rarely a sign that anything is wrong. Your body is an inc...

What Does the Body Use Nucleic Acids for?

There are many different roles that nucleic acids, which include DNA and RNA, play in the human body and in other living organisms...
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