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Seasonal Allergies

Causes, Risk Factors and Prevention of Seasonal Allergies

The risk of developing seasonal allergy is determined by the likelihood that you will develop antibodies to potential triggers. Pa...

Signs and Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies

Signs and symptoms of allergies depend upon the parts of the body that are targets for the immune response. ...

Tests and Diagnosis for Seasonal Allergies

To diagnose seasonal allergies, your doctor will ask you questions and you may undergo skin and/or blood tests. ...

Can Seasonal Allergies Make You Sleepy?

For those who are sensitive to pollen, dust mites and weeds, certain times of the year may make them feel under the weather. While...

Possible Complications of Seasonal Allergies

In addition to the symptoms, seasonal allergies cause a great deal of time lost from work or school and wreak havoc with the quali...

Remedies for Seasonal Allergies in Toddlers

Runny nose, rash, wheezes, headaches and sleep disturbances. All are symptoms of seasonal allergies. Parents may wonder whether th...

Can Seasonal Inhalant Allergies Make You Sick?

Seasonal inhalant allergies can make you feel like you’re sick but will not cause sickness. It’s difficult to distingu...

The Best Seasonal Allergy Medications

Seasonal allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, is usually caused by outdoor allergens, such as pollen that are inhaled. The ...

Foods to Avoid During Allergy Season

If you have pollen allergies, you don’t have to look at a calendar to figure out whether or not allergy season has arrived. ...

Alternative Medicine for Seasonal Allergies

Several alternative treatment modalities have been studied to relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies. ...
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