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Seizure Disorders

Early Warning Signs of a Seizure

A seizure is a burst of electrical activity in the brain. A seizure can last from a few seconds to more than 30 minutes. Several t...

About Seizures During Sleep

Seizures are due to electrical activity in the brain, which results in changes in consciousness and movement. Symptoms of seizures...

How Do Strobe Lights Cause Seizures?

It is estimated that about 3 percent of the more than three million Americans with epilepsy suffer from seizures because of exposu...

Can Exercise Cause Seizures?

Seizures result from abnormal electrical activity in the brain; the type of seizure you have will depend on what part of the brain...

Complications of Seizures

For those diagnosed with epilepsy, seizures can be more than occasional disturbances produced by your brain's impulses. They c...

Chihuahua Seizure Symptoms

Due to their small size and high energy levels, chihuahuas are at an increased risk of experiencing certain types of medical probl...

About Pseudo Seizures

Typically, seizures are the result of epilepsy, a physical problem in brain structure or in the neurons that operate in the brain....

A Nursing Diagnosis for Seizures

Seizures are caused by abnormal discharge of neurons that lead to physical and behavioural disturbances. "Pediatric Hospital ...

What Causes Breakthrough Seizures?

The Epilepsy Foundation defines a breakthrough seizure as a bout of seizure activity a patient with epilepsy experiences when on a...

Causes of Nocturnal Seizures

Nocturnal seizures are sleep-related seizures that occur at night. A person with this condition has a burst of movement that jerks...
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