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Shortness of Breath

Cardiac Causes of Shortness of Breath

The heart and lungs work together to deliver life-sustaining oxygen to the tissues and remove waste products from them. Without pr...

Smoking & Shortness of Breath

Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 different chemicals, 50 of which are carcinogenic, according to the Centers for Disease Control...

What Are the Causes of Shortness of Breath in Children?

When a child is short of breath, it can be difficult for him to get the oxygen his body needs to operate correctly. Symptoms may i...

What Causes Shortness of Breath and Fatigued Muscles?

Shortness of breath and fatigued, or tired muscles may be symptoms of a health condition. If your symptoms persist, cause you conc...

Causes of Shortness of Breath With Exercise

Shortness of breath, or dyspnea, may cause you to feel that you can't get enough air in your lungs, or that you are suffocating. Y...

Shortness of Breath When Working Out

Shortness of breath during exercise is your body’s way of telling you a number of things. Before you start any exercise prog...

Chest Pressure & Shortness of Breath Upon Exertion

There are many different conditions that cause chest pain. When you have chest pain accompanied by shortness of breath, the reaso...

Indigestion & Shortness of Breath While Eating

Indigestion and shortness of breath while eating may be signs of various conditions. Make an appointment with your doctor to discu...

How to Clear a Child's Chest Cold

Your child's stuffy nose and mild cough can travel downwards through the respiratory system and transform into a chest cold in no ...

Electrolytes & Shortness of Breath

Most people experience shortness of breath, a condition medically known as dyspnea, periodically usually due to factors like physi...
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