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Sinus Infections

What Are the Treatments for a Pilonidal Cyst?

A pilonidal cyst is a small pouch or sac in the skin that commonly forms on the tailbone at the top of the buttocks. These cysts c...

Air Travel With Sinus Infection

Delta Airlines states that each person has small pockets of air located throughout the sinus cavity. If those pockets become infla...

How to Tell the Difference Between a Sinus Infection Vs. Allergies

Both seasonal allergies and sinus infections can make you feel congested and miserable, and sometimes it's difficult to tell them ...

How to: Healing Sinus Infections With Salt Water

A sinus rinse using salt water will help you clear up a sinus infection and help you breathe better. The salt in the rinse creates...

Sinus Infection & Exercise ?

A sinus infection, or acute sinusitis, causes the sinuses around your eyes and nose to be inflamed and swollen. The swelling inter...

Good Spicy Foods for Sinus Infections

Watery eyes and a runny nose are unavoidable while eating hot, spicy food. Luckily, this effect can be beneficial if you are someo...

Amoxicillin for a Sinus Infection

Sinus infections occur when the lining of the sinus cavity becomes swollen, irritated and inflamed, blocking normal drainage, acco...

Warning Signs of a Dangerous Sinus Infection

A sinus infection occurs when the walls of the sinus cavity become inflamed, blocking normal airflow and proper drainage. Although...

What Are the Dangers of a Sinus Infection?

According to the University of Maryland, most sinus infections are caused by bacteria, which are easily treated with prescribed an...

Altitude & Sinus Pain

Changes in altitude from mountain climbing, diving and air travel can lead to headaches in the facial area. Obstruction by mucous,...
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