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The Immune System

Why This Old Wive’s Tale Actually Works When You’re Sick

While you may not be one for hearsay, it might be time to start listening to your elders. Your eating habits while sick could save...

How Does Stress Affect the Immune System?

The immune system is defined by the National Cancer Institute as a complex system of cells, organs and tissues that protect the b...

How to Raise Antibodies

Antibodies are critical to your immune system's function. These cells are present in the body to ward off illnesses, including...

What Vitamins Help Boost Your Immune System?

Vitamins have properties to help fight off a variety of illnesses and protect the body from damage to cells. Many foods contain vi...

How to Build Your Immune System to Fight Herpes

Herpes is a virus that can result in blisters and sores appearing on mucus membranes. Herpes typically affects either the mouth or...

How Do Men Get Rid of HPV?

HPV stands for human papillomavirus. It's an infection that can be easily spread from one person to the next, including via se...

Ambrotose Ingredients

Mannatech Science is the maker of Ambrotose, an immune support supplement in powder form. Ambrotose contains glyconutrients, which...

Natural Ways to Build Up Your Immune System

Your immune system is a complex network of structures and functions that protects your body from pathogens, diseases and the over...

Ginger & the Immune System

The immune system is responsible for a complex set of processes designed to protect the body from disease. At times, the immune sy...

How to Build Up Your Immune System While on Immunosuppressive Meds

Immunosuppressive drugs can cause depression of the body's natural defense system, resulting in increased risks of infections ...
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