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The Reproductive System

Diseases of the Human Female Reproductive System

The human female reproductive system includes the external genitals, vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Diseases...

How Does Alcohol Affect the Reproductive System?

According to Montana State University, alcohol can affect the male reproductive system by causing reduced testosterone levels. Pro...

Can Stopping Exercise Make Your Period Late?

Changes in your exercise patterns, including cessation of exercise, can cause fluctuations in your menstrual cycle. Although exces...

Period Syncing Is Not Actually a Thing, According to New Study

According to a new study, women's menstrual cycles don't actually sync up. The study found that the opposite is true....

Julianne Hough Opens Up About Hiding Her Pain on DWTS

Julianne Hough shares how she lives with the painful condition of endometriosis while working on Dancing with the Stars. ...

Structures of the Female Reproductive System

The female reproductive system differentiates women from men. Because of these organs, the female body has the ability to produce ...

5 Important Things to Know About Your Period

Periods: Women get them every month and a lot of the time it's a pain -- literally. Here are 5 things that you need to know about ...

Hormones in Male Reproductive Systems

The male reproductive system depends upon the action of many different hormones or chemicals, produced by various body glands and ...

The Effects of Drugs on a Man's Reproductive System

Medications designed to treat symptoms and cure disease can also cause unanticipated problems with the male reproductive system. E...

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar During Pregnancy

At some point during your pregnancy, your obstetrician will hand over a small bottle of a sugary flavored drink and ask you to dow...
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