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Throat Cancer

Early Symptoms of Mouth & Throat Cancer

Early Symptoms of Mouth & Throat Cancer. Mouth and throat cancer account for 2.9 percent of all new cancer diagnoses, according to...

Herbal Treatment for Throat Cancer

Throat cancer, also known as cancer of the larynx, is an uncommon form of cancer. A number of factors might contribute to its deve...

Soft Diets for People Who Have Throat Cancer

The term throat cancer refers to the development of cancerous tumors in the pharynx, larynx or tonsils. Treatment for throat cance...

Early Signs and Symptoms of Throat Cancer

Throat cancer typically refers to cancers arising from tissue in the throat, voicebox or tonsils. Cancer in these locations can ca...

Diet for Throat Cancer Patients

Cancer of the throat can significantly impact your diet and eating habits. Treatment options for throat cancer include surgery, ra...
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