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Tooth Ache

Tooth Pain and Sweets

Tooth Pain and Sweets. Tooth pain associated with eating sweet, sugary foods can be irritating and frustrating. The pain arises du...

Toothache Pain From a Lost Filling

A lost filling can be a truly painful experience. Fillings may fall out for any number of reasons. Maybe it was new and did not se...

Tooth Braces and Pain

Braces are a fact of life for many people—according to a study done by, approximately 4 million people in t...

Tooth Pain & Sinus Congestion

Dr. Alan Carr, a Mayo Clinic prosthodontist, says that there can be a direct correlation between sinus congestion and tooth pain. ...

Remedies for a Severe Toothache

When bacteria and plaque eat away at the outer surface of your tooth, the sensitive inner portion of the tooth, called the pulp, m...

Toothache From Pulpitis

Inflammation of the dental pulp can cause a mild, moderate or severe toothache. This small soft tissue structure found inside a to...

Pain After Tooth Extraction

People get teeth extracted for many reasons, including cavities, infections and to create more room in the mouth for crowded teeth...

Abscess Toothaches

Pain from an abscessed tooth is like no other kind of toothache pain. While mild toothache pain may come and go, the pain from an ...

Abscessed Tooth and Jaw Pain

An abscessed tooth is among the most common causes of pain in the oral cavity. This condition causes swelling around the decaying ...

Molar Toothache Pain

Molar Toothache Pain. Molars are the largest teeth. Their sizable chewing surface makes them ideal for crushing and grinding food,...
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