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Baking Basics

How to Make a Mousse's Consistency Thicker

Mousse is meant to have an ethereal, light consistency; in fact, its quality is gauged by its airiness. But tastes differ, and coo...

How to Bake Sandwich Rolls From Scratch

There are many reasons to bake your own bread: the quality of the ingredients, cost, convenience, creativity and pleasure. Making ...

How to Use Applesauce Instead of Oil When Baking

For guilt-free baked goods, applesauce makes a fine stand-in for vegetable oil. Applesauce adds not only moisture and flavor to ba...

How Safe Are Silicone Baking Sets?

If you've been to a home and garden store recently, you've probably seen silicone baking sets. Available in a wide range of sizes ...

Baking in a Traditional Oven Vs. Toaster Oven

Some treasured family recipes prepare a quantity of cake or cookies that made perfect sense in the age of large families. For mode...

How to Cool Cookies Without a Rack After Baking

When you want to bring the kids running, there are few things more effective than a pan of cookies fresh out of the oven. Ideally,...

How to Bake a Cake With Applesauce Instead of Oil

Use applesauce to replace the oil in a cake recipe and you'll reduce the amount of fat and calories in the finished product. It's ...

How to Bake Pears With Honey

Whole pears get a culinary makeover when baked with honey. The texture of the pear goes from firm to soft as it bakes with the hon...

What Can You Sub for Baking Powder When Making Biscuits?

Baking powder seems mysterious when you don't understand the science. You add a tiny amount to biscuit batter and what would have ...

How to Bake Drumsticks in the Oven Without Them Sticking

Baking drumsticks in the oven on properly prepared cookware ensures the meat doesn't stick to the dish. Lubrication methods vary d...
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