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Antioxidants in Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is loaded with flavonoids, antioxidants that have been shown in medical studies to offer protection to the vascular...

Is Expired Chocolate Edible?

If you are in the habit of maintaining an emergency stockpile of chocolate for stressful days, you may occasionally find that some...

The 12 Best "Clean" Dark Chocolate Bars

Eating small amounts of dark chocolate can be good for your health. Chocolate comes from a plant -- the bean of the cacao tree -- ...

Types of Healthy Dark Chocolate

Antioxidant flavonoids, present in healthy dark chocolate, have been found by researchers to positively impact cardiovascular heal...

Chocolate & Heartburn

You are not alone if you have experienced burning in your chest after eating a chocolate bar or drinking a chocolate milkshake. Ch...

Does Chocolate Alleviate a Headache?

Chocolate is derived from cocoa beans and has been consumed in a variety of forms for countless generations by indigenous peoples,...

What Are Anti-Cancer Benefits of Dark Chocolate?

As foods go, chocolate is controversial. Once praised by the Aztecs for its healing powers, chocolate became much maligned when it...

The Disadvantages of Eating Chocolate

Although chocolate's sweet, pleasant taste may put a smile on your face, there are some disadvantages associated with eating this ...

Hives & Itching From Chocolate

Hives and itching after eating any food is a common sign of an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions from eating chocolate may or ...

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

The evidence is beginning to pile up. Chocolate, at least when it comes to the heart, might be as much of an essential part of a ...
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