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Planet Smoothie Nutrition Information

Planet Smoothie is a smoothie and juice chain that offers a variety of fruit and nutrient filled options. The goal of the chain is...

Antioxidant Smoothies

Smoothies are highly portable, nutritious beverages you can enjoy in place of fast food breakfast items or unhealthy, pre-packaged...

Milk Shakes to Gain Weight

To gain weight, you need to consume a serious number of calories. Taking in 500 to 1,000 calories more than you burn daily yields ...

Can You Drink Smoothies in Place of Fruits & Vegetables?

A smoothie was originally a fruit juice drink with ice added, according to Dan Titus, director of the Juice and Smoothie Associati...

The Calories of a Smoothie King Gladiator

Smoothie King's Gladiator is a high-protein, low-carb smoothie designed to help you bulk up. The drink, intended as a meal rep...

The Effects of Green Smoothies

Green smoothies, or smoothies made with part fruit and part green vegetables, have some significant health effects associated with...

How to Eat a Tamarillo

Tamarillo, also known as a tree tomato, is a bright red or golden, egg-shaped topical fruit native to South and Central America. T...

How Much Protein Do You Add to a Fruit Smoothie?

Adding protein to your fruit smoothie makes it into a muscle-building post-workout snack or a hunger-busting mini-meal. Blending f...

10 Ultimate Smoothies for Any Time of Day

Smoothies are a great way to pack in a ton of nutrient-dense foods, and when they’re properly balanced they can be the perfe...

How to Add Spirulina to Smoothies

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and protein. Spirulina also contains vital nutrie...
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