The 6-Week Spring Shred Challenge With Anna Victoria: Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of Anna Victoria + LIVESTRONG.COM's Spring Shred Challenge.

Been a wintertime homebody? Spring is the perfect time to revisit those January resolutions you made and embrace the new season with a new fitness routine.

Get ready for the 6-Week Spring Shred's second total-body circuit workout from Fit Body Guides founder and fitness star Anna Victoria. You don't have to stop your life for these exercises — they target every major muscle group, including your core, and take up less space than your bed.


All you'll need for this session are a yoga mat and dumbbells. Check out Anna's circuit of five moves below, where she'll walk you through each exercise.

Week 2

-Stiff-Leg Deadlift with a Squat: Repeat five times

-Squat Jump and Jumping Lunge: Repeat 5x

-Front Raise and Lateral Raise: Repeat 5x


-Spring Push-Up and Mountain Climbers: Repeat 5x

-Overhead Crunch and Sky Crunch: Repeat 5x

This workout hits all your muscle groups for a total-body burn.

Repeat the circuit as many times as you can with 30 to 60-second breaks in between sets for a high-intensity workout that'll tone and tighten your body. Squeeze Anna's 30-minute circuit into your routine six days a week, then take a rest day, and check back for Week 3 of the 6-Week Spring Shred!


This workout can be personalized to your schedule. If you have 10 minutes, that's great — make it the best 10 minutes of the day. If you have 30 minutes, keep repeating the circuit for a fat-torching workout that will help you get shredded within 6 weeks.

For support and motivation, join our Facebook Challenge Group. Be sure to follow Anna on Facebook and Instagram. Love her look? Find it at Monreal London and Alala.

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What Do YOU Think?

Did you find Anna's circuit workout challenging? How does Week 1 of the 6-Week Spring Shred compare to Week 2? How else will you be getting back into shape after the long winter? Share in the comments section!