The 6-Week Spring Shred Challenge With Anna Victoria: Week 4

Have you joined the 6-Week Spring Shred Challenge With Anna Victoria? Commit to becoming your best self with our high-intensity total-body workouts.

We all want to kill it at work, have an awesome social life, and get eight hours of sleep a night, all while maintaining an amazing figure. But when life gets hectic, fitness tends to fall by the wayside. Well, we're back with our fifth installment of the 6-Week Spring Shred Challenge to help you get the body of your dreams in between all of life's other moving parts.

Fit Body Guides Founder and fitness star Anna Victoria will be walking you through five challenging total-body movements, allowing you to crush a high-intensity workout in just 30 minutes. Use 5- to 10-pound dumbbells or turn up the volume with 15- to 20-pound weights. Let's get started with the video below!


Week 4

-Glute Bridge With a Narrow Glute Bridge: Repeat five times

-Squat Jump With Squat Pulse: Repeat 5x

-Shoulder Press to Overhead Triceps Extension: Repeat 5x

-Walkdown High Plank and Commandos: Repeat 5x


-Foot Taps Plus a Plank: Repeat 5x

Repeat the circuit as many times as you can for 30 minutes, taking short breaks in between if you need to. To really see results, do Anna's full-body workout every day for six days, take a rest day, then get ready to tackle the fifth week of the 6-Week Spring Shred Challenge!

Remember, this workout is all about you, so customize it to fit your needs. Whether you get up early to get your 30 minutes in before work, or take just 10 minutes to work it out before bed, what's important is that you get moving and feel good.


For support and motivation, join our Facebook Challenge Group. Be sure to follow Anna on Facebook and Instagram. Love her look? Find it at lululemon.

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