The 6-Week Spring Shred Challenge With Anna Victoria: Week 5

Can you believe it? It's already Week 5 of the 6-Week Spring Shred! But don't slow down yet — keep going strong with this week's total-body workout!

Can you believe it's already Week 5 of the 6-Week Spring Shred Challenge? By now, you probably know from experience that our compound moves, brought to you by Fit Body Guides founder and fitness star Anna Victoria, provide an amazing, fat-burning workout. Compound moves like the ones Anna Victoria has designed specially for LIVESTRONG.COM activate multiple major muscle groups at the same time to give you a total-body workout in just minutes.

You've made it this far, so don't slow down now. Grab a set of dumbbells and a yoga mat and workout alongside Anna for another fat-blasting session of full-body moves. Get started with the video below!


Week 5

-Sumo Squat Plus Calf Raises: Repeat five times

-Lunge Pulse Plus a Front Toe Hop: Repeat 5x

-Bicep Curl to a Parallel Press: Repeat 5x

-Burpee With a Walking Push-Up: Repeat 5x

-Side High Plank With a Dumbbell Raise: Repeat 5x


Keep those endorphins flowing by taking a short break, then repeating the circuit as many times as you can for 30 minutes. Get a rhythm going by doing this workout every day for the next six days, taking a rest day, then jumping back into action for the final week of the 6-Week Spring Shred Challenge!

To get the results you want, it's important to customize our challenge to fit your needs. Whether you get amped every morning for a full 30 minutes or you finesse it in between meetings at work, give yourself what you can and you'll get results.

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What Do YOU Think?

How much progress have you made? What's been your favorite circuit so far? Has Week 5 been the most challenging week yet? Let us know in the comments section!