A 28-Minute Boxing Workout for Sexy Arms and Shoulders

Sculpt sexy arms and shoulders with this boxing workout.
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Welcome to the most amazing boxing workout for your arms that you'll ever do! It combines the benefits of boxing, cardiovascular conditioning, skill and speed in a fresh, circuit-style workout.


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But before you jump in, let's highlight why you should add boxing to your workout regimen. Here are five benefits of boxing:

1. Improved Cardiovascular Health: Boxing mimics HIIT workouts — with bursts of activity followed by a short rest. And as you've probably heard, HIIT is great for your heart, keeping this vital muscle healthier longer.


2. Stress Relief: Punching something (as opposed to someone) can help you release built-up stress and tension. So take it out on the workout, not your co-worker.

3. Healthy Weight Loss: The higher the intensity of your workout, the more calories you'll burn. If this is something you want more guidance on, try using a heart rate monitor. Aim to stay between 75 and 85 percent of your max heart rate (estimate it by subtracting your age from 220).


4. Increased Hand-Eye Coordination: Whether you're reaching, grabbing or punching, you're improving your hand-eye coordination and boosting your brain-body connection. Boxing is a great way to stay sharp.

5. More Confidence and Strength: Boxing can make you feel invincible. Once you get a handle on these moves, you'll be unstoppable. Why? All of the above benefits will give you a sense of positivity, strength and control. Boxing isn't for the shrinking violet. It's an explosive, powerful and high-energy way to get in incredible shape.


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Your 28-Minute Boxing Workout

Grab a pair of small dumbbells and a jump rope (or just pretend!) and follow along with this workout.

Start With a Warmup

Warm up by working at a medium pace to gradually increase your heart rate and body temperature. You should be breathing fairly heavily by the end of the circuit.

Total time: 4 minutes

Instructions: Do 30 seconds of each of the four following exercises, A through D. Then start back at A and complete the circuit a second time.

Hop to it!
Image Credit: Travis McCoy/LIVESTRONG.COM

A. Invisible Jump Rope

Squat down and jump up.
Image Credit: Travis McCoy/LIVESTRONG.COM

B. Jump Squats

Warm up that lower body.
Image Credit: Travis McCoy/LIVESTRONG.COM

C. Knee Hug to Forward Lunge (Alternate Legs)

Fire up your core and shoulders.
Image Credit: Travis McCoy/LIVESTRONG.COM

D. Windmills (Alternate Sides)

Part 1: Boxing Skills

Begin each move in a fighting stance — one foot in front of the other about hip-width apart. Your back heel should be lifted to allow your hips to rotate. Keep count of your reps and increase them each time to build intensity.

Total time: 12 minutes

Instructions: Do 60 seconds of each exercise, and repeat the circuit a total of four times.

See that punch through.
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A. Jab-Cross Combination With Hip Rotation: Begin in a fighting stance — hips squared forward and your left foot a few feet in front of your right. Keeping your left hand by your face, twist from your hips and throw a punch with your right arm. Then twist to the right as you throw a punch with your left arm.

Uppercut left, and then uppercut right.
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B. Shoulder Roll-Uppercut Combination (Left Then Right): Start in a fighting stance, and then hook your left hand under and punch up, keeping the finger side of your fist toward your face. Repeat on the right side.

Punch side to side.
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C. Crossbody Punches (Right Then Left): Stand with feet hip-width apart, elbows bent and hands tucked under your chin. Rotate fully to the right side as you punch across your body with your left arm. Repeat on the other side.

Part 2: Boxing Conditioning Circuit

Give this your all-out effort. This is real conditioning, and it gets tough. But stick it out: You're burning tons of calories!

Total time: 5 minutes

Instructions: Do 60 seconds of sprinting or high knees followed by five push-ups. Complete four rounds.

Keep those knees high!
Image Credit: Travis McCoy/LIVESTRONG.COM

A. 60 Seconds of Sprinting (or High Knees)

Standard push-ups build upper-body strength.
Image Credit: Travis McCoy/LIVESTRONG.COM

B. 5 Push-Ups

Part 3: Boxing Core Circuit

Total time: 4 minutes

Instructions: Do 25 of each of the two exercises below, and then repeat three more times.

Your abs are gonna feel this one!
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A. Sit-Ups With Jab-Cross Combination: Perform a standard sit-up, but at the top, punch across your body with your left arm then right arm. Return to the start and repeat.

Do both sides for each rep.
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B. Planks With Hip Drop: Begin in a plank. Drop your hips a few inches to the right side while still keeping your core tight. Then drop your hips to the left side.

End With a Cooldown

Finish your workout with three minutes of gentle rope jumping (with or without the actual rope) to cool your body down.

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What Do YOU Think?

Have you ever done a boxing workout? What did you think? Do you think you'll try this one? If you do, let us know how it goes! Did it leave you sweating and tired in the best way possible? Were your arms and shoulders sore the next day? Share your experiences and questions in the comments below!