How to Size Women's Boxing Gloves

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When picking out boxing gloves for women, you have three main considerations. First, size is important to ensure a comfortable fit that minimizes risk of injury to the hands and fingers. Boxing gloves also come in different weights, ranging from 8 to 20 oz., with the lighter generally used by professionals and during matches and the heavier having thicker padding and used by novices and for sparring. Boxing gloves are also weighted in either the front or at the wrist. Front-weighted gloves are more padded around the fingers, tempering the force of blows, and rear-weighted gloves, better suited to professional and match use, have thinner fronts that deliver harder blows.


Step 1

Wrap a fabric tape measure around your palm and your wrist and note the lengths in inches. Measure the length of your fingertips to your wrist, too. Use a piece of string and then measure its length if you don't have a fabric tape measure. If the wrist measurement is 6 inches or less, and the other two measurements are 7 inches or less, you probably need a small or medium woman's boxing glove. Larger measurements indicate a large or extra large.

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Step 2

Decide whether you want front-weighted or rear-weighted woman's boxing gloves. Choose the former in most instances, assuming you're a beginner and won't be using the gloves for anything other than practice and beginner classes or matches.

Step 3

Settle on a weight for your boxing gloves. Opt for 10-oz. gloves if you weigh about 100 lbs., 12-oz. gloves if you weigh about 125 lbs., 14-oz. gloves if you weigh about 150 lbs. and 16-oz. gloves if you weigh more.

Step 4

Tape your hands prior to trying on any boxing gloves, as the tape affects the fit, and a woman's hands will be taped while boxing. It's no different than putting on socks when trying on shoes.


Step 5

Try on women's boxing gloves in the size and weight you've determined. Have someone completely lace them up, or tightly affix the Velcro, and determine whether they fit snugly.

Step 6

Try on the size above or below your first pick as necessary. Remember that boxing gloves come only in small, medium, large and extra large, so it's not too complicated to pick the best size. Opt for boxing gloves that are a little too tight, rather than those that are a little too loose, as the gloves will stretch out a bit as they are broken in.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric tape measure

  • Sports tape

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