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Do Boxing Gloves Soften the Hit?

Do Boxing Gloves Soften the Hit?. Boxing gloves are simple and effective in design, offering protection both to the puncher and to...

Golden Gloves Weight Classes

According to Golden Gloves of America, the first Golden Gloves tournament was held in Chicago in 1923, in which the winning amateu...

Neck Exercises for Boxing

Most boxers work hard to strengthen their legs for a good, strong base and their arms for a good, hard punch, but fewer remember t...

How to Punch Harder Without a Punching Bag

Hitting a punching bag seems like the most obvious and ideal way to measure and increase your power, but it's just one of many...

Boxing at Home

Boxing is a highly competitive, full-contact sport that requires strength, dexterity and endurance to excel. While the most intens...

Height of a Speed Bag

It can take months or even years of practice until you're able to hit a speed bag so it produces a steady rhythm. Before the sound...

Is It Better to Lift Weights Before Boxing Training?

Is It Better to Lift Weights Before or After Boxing Training?. The timing of different segments of a workout can have a strong eff...

The Life Story of Muhammad Ali

Born Cassius Clay, in a span of eight years, Muhammad Ali won an Olympic gold medal, a Golden Gloves tournament and the world heav...

What to Drink & Eat for Boxing

As a boxer you must pay far more attention to your diet than the average person. Proper nutrition is not just important, it is cri...

How to Inflate an Everlast Speed Bag

Speed bags are an effective tool for training hand speed, rhythm and timing while building endurance in your arms, shoulders and b...
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