Golden Gloves Weight Classes

Golden Gloves weight classes may vary by tournament.
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According to Golden Gloves of America, the first Golden Gloves tournament was held in Chicago in 1923, in which the winning amateur boxers were given miniature golden gloves as a prize. Golden Gloves tournaments are held on both national and regional levels, and each organization may have different regulations regarding weight classes. The weight classes for National Golden Gloves tournaments are based on the official Olympic rules for amateur boxing. The number represents the maximum weight allowed for that class and is also the minimum weight to qualify for the next class.



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Men weighing up to 112 pounds and women weighing 106 to 112 pounds qualify for the flyweight class. Some Golden Gloves tournaments include a light flyweight class, which is for men weighing up to 106 pounds and women weighing 101 to 106 pounds. The pinweight class is for women weighing up to 101 pounds.

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The bantamweight class is for men weighing 112 to 119 pounds and women weighing 114 to 119 pounds. The light bantamweight class is for women weighing 110 to 114 pounds.

Featherweight and Lightweight

Both men and women weighing 119 to 125 pounds qualify for the featherweight class. The lightweight class for both men and women ranges from 125 to 132 pounds.


The light welterweight class is for men weighing 132 to 141 pounds and women weighing 132 to 138 pounds. The welterweight division is for men weighing 141 to 152 pounds and women weighing 138 to 145 pounds.



The light middleweight class is for women weighing 145 to 154 pounds. The middleweight division consists of men weighing 165 to 178 pounds and women weighing 154 to 165 pounds.


The light heavyweight class is for men weighing 165 to 178 pounds and women weighing 165 to 176 pounds. The heavyweight class consists of men weighing 178 to 201 pounds and women weighing 176 to 189 pounds. The super heavyweight division is for men weighing more than 201 pounds and women exceeding 189 pounds.