Plyometrics Exercises for Boxing

Plyometrics are a critical training component for boxing.
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Boxing is a sport that requires explosive and powerful movements for an athlete to succeed. Plyometrics mimics the physical demands of a fight and will train your body to move more quickly and explosively. It's advisable to start your program with a trainer familiar with plyometrics before continuing on your own. Perform plyometric exercises no more than two times a week, in short bursts at the highest intensity possible, then take a brief rest before moving to the next set or exercise.


Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are an effective plyometric exercise to develop leg explosiveness and power. To execute, stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width with toes pointed forward. Cross your arms in front of your chest. Slowly lower yourself into a squat until your thighs are parallel with the floor. On the way up, push up as explosively as possible, jumping as high as possible. Land softly and make sure you're in proper starting position before repeating. Complete three sets of 10 repetitions.


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Plyometric Pushups

Plyometric pushups also increase the explosive abilities of chest and shoulder muscles, which are instrumental in throwing quick punches. To execute, begin in the basic pushup position with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Lower yourself down to the floor at a normal, controlled pace. Stop just short of touching the floor. On the way up, push up as explosively as possible, causing your hands to come up off the floor. Land softly back into the pushup position and repeat. Complete three sets of six to 10 repetitions.



Bounding improves leg power and strength and teaches the legs how to limit the amount of time they're on the ground before they can change direction. To execute, explode forward off one foot as far forward as possible and land on the opposite foot. Immediately as you land on your lead foot, explode off it forward, swinging your back leg forward. Continue leaping off one foot and onto the other as quickly as possible. It's important to minimize the amount of time your foot is on the floor. Complete three sets of 10 bounds.


Medicine Ball Pass

The medicine ball pass develops the explosive abilities of the chest and shoulder muscles, which are involved when throwing a punch. This can be performed with a partner or against a wall. To execute, stand with your legs slightly beyond shoulder width. Hold a medicine ball with both hands at the chest. While keeping your feet planted, use both hands to thrust the medicine ball as far forward and explosively as possible. Complete three sets of six repetitions.


Medicine Ball Slams

Medicine ball slams further develop upper body explosiveness and, at the same time, improve the abdominals and core's ability to maintain the body's stability. To execute, grab a medicine ball with both hands and hold it over your head. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, then step forward slightly with one foot and explode forward and bend at the waist, throwing or "slamming" the medicine ball as hard as possible on the ground in front of you. Complete three sets of six repetitions.




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