This 25-Minute Lower-Body Boxing Workout Builds Strong Legs With No Equipment

After a day of meetings, errands or chores, your workout may be your only time to focus on you with no distractions.

This 25-minute lower-body boxing workout video, led by Justin Blackwell, master coach at Los Angeles-based fitness studio BoxUnion, is the perfect opportunity to home in on your movement, breath and heart rate, not your daily to-do list.


"Nothing outside of this space matters right now," Blackwell says. "This is where we start to get into our zone. This is where we level up a little bit."


Before you put your phone on Do Not Disturb and get into the zone, free up a few feet of space and throw on a stable pair of sneakers.

Video of the Day

The Moves

You won't need any equipment for this quick lower-body boxing session — except maybe a bottle of water. Blackwell will take you through multiple combinations of the following punches, mixed with some lower-body exercises.

Follow along with his instructions, and if you get lost or want to take a break, don't worry, he says. "Just hop back in as soon as you're ready."

The Warm-Up

  • Boxer Bounce:‌ Get loose and find the beat of the music, focusing on your breathing.
  • Jump Rope:‌​ Start incorporating your arms by swinging an imaginary jump rope.
  • ​Jumping Jacks:‌​ Make this a big movement, Blackwell says, to warm up all over.
  • Jab (1):‌ Push through your back foot and step into your front foot. Punch straight out with your front arm, chin down, eyes up.
  • Cross (2):‌ Rotate your hips and shoulders as you punch straight forward with your rear hand.
  • Front Hook (3):‌ Pivot on your front foot as you swing your lead arm in a circular motion, keeping your elbow bent. Think about a circular arc as if you're stirring a pot of soup.
  • Rear Hook (4):‌ This is your dominant hook. "Stir the pot" with your rear arm while pivoting on the rear foot.
  • Front Uppercut (5):‌ Lift your rear arm up to protect yourself as you throw your front uppercut. Bend your knees slightly and drive your lead hand upwards in a straight line.
  • Rear Uppercut (6):‌ Bend your knees slightly and rotate your shoulder forward as you drive your rear hand upward in a straight line. Keep your shoulders loose and your hips moving.



The Workout

  • 8-Punch Freestyle With Lunge and Squat Combo:‌ Throw eight punches of your choice, followed by a lunge on each leg and a squat.
  • Fast Feet:‌ Holding a quarter squat, tap your feet as fast as you can.
  • 1, 6, 5, 6 Combo:‌ After you throw the punches in this combo, shuffle from side to side.
  • Pulse Squat:‌ Hold a squat and pulse it out to the beat of the music.
  • 1, 6, 5, 6, 3, 4 Combo:‌ Add your two hooks to the previous combination.
  • Pulse Lunge:‌ Drive your lunge straight down and don't forget to switch sides.
  • 1, 6, 5, 6, 3, 4, Roll Out, Roll In, 3, 4 Combo:‌ Add a roll forward and back, followed by two more hooks.
  • Pogo Jump:‌ Squat and jump side to side, swinging your arms for extra momentum.
  • Two-Punch Combo:‌ Throw any two punches with full force.
  • Squat Tap:‌ Lower into a wide squat and tap the ground with one hand, alternating arms with every pulse.
  • High Knees:‌ Drive your knees as high as you can, alternating legs to the beat.


To keep your muscles injury-free, run through a quick cool-down routine before heading to the shower.

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