P90X Legs Back Workout List

P90X Legs Back Workout List
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The legs and back workout is one of the toughest sessions in the P90X program. The lower body and back contain the body's largest muscles, and challenging them enough to encourage growth in size and strength takes a lot of work. Expect a lot of pull-ups, lunges and squats, and prepare to be sore the next day.

Legs and Back Workout

The legs and back workout session, which lasts about 60 minutes, is structured so that you complete two sets of leg exercises and one set of a back exercise, then return to another two sets of different leg exercises. There isn't an assigned number of repetitions to complete for each set. Rather, each set involves completing as many repetitions as you can in the allotted amount of time given in the video.

There is a 10-minute warm-up at the beginning of the workout, including high knees, jogging in place and jumping jacks, followed by some stretches. The workout includes 19 exercises, and each of the back exercises is repeated during the second half of the workout. There is no rest between sets, but there is a water break at the halfway mark. The workout finishes with a brief cool down.You'll need your weights, pull-up bar and an exercise mat if you want the extra cushioning.

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Exercise Order

The workout includes 23 sets of exercises, completed in this order:

  • balanced lunges
  • calf raise squats
  • reverse grip chin-ups
  • super skaters
  • wall squat
  • wide front pull-ups
  • step-back lunges
  • alternating side lunges
  • close grip overhead pull-ups
  • single leg wall squat
  • deadlift squats
  • switch grip pull-ups
  • three-way lunge
  • sneaky lunge
  • reverse grip chin-ups
  • chair salutations
  • toe roll iso lunge
  • wide front pull-ups
  • groucho walk
  • calf raises
  • close grip overhead pull-ups
  • 80-20 speed squat
  • switch grip pull-ups

Frequency and Modifications

The P90X training program features 12 workout videos: X Stretch; Cardio X; Back and Biceps; Chest, Shoulders and Triceps; Core Synergists; Kenpo X, Yoga X, Shoulders and Arms, Plyometrics; Chest and Back; and Legs and Back. Each workout session is completed during some of the weeks. However, because the legs and back workout develops the largest muscle groups, it's one of the most common training sessions and is included every Friday, except in weeks four and eight, which are considered rest weeks.

In the beginning you may not be able to do many pull-ups, if any. You can use a pull-up assist band to help you complete more pull-ups. If you can do some pull-ups, you can start without the band, then use the band for the remainder of the time. Or, you can do as many unassisted pull-ups as you can, then do cardio -- such as jumping jacks -- for the rest of the minute.

Same thing goes for the lower-body exercises. Use lighter weights or no weights at all in the beginning if you find yourself struggling. Add weights or increase your weight each week as you get stronger.

The most important thing to remember is that quality is more important than quantity. Do as many reps as you can with good form and stop when your form gets sloppy. And, don't skip the stretching at the end -- you'll regret it the day after.

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