How to Inflate an Everlast Speed Bag

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Speed bags are an effective tool for training hand speed, rhythm and timing while building endurance in your arms, shoulders and back. Small bags, such as Everlast's 8-by-5-inch Kangaroo bag, moves faster, so it requires considerable skill to control. Larger bags, such as Everlast's 10-by-7-inch bag, moves slower, so it's better for beginner boxers. Proper inflation of the bag is just as important as size. If the bag is lacking in air, it feels sluggish and rebounds slowly. Conversely, a hyper-inflated bag responds quicker, but it's harder on the hands and could result in damage to the internal bladder.


Step 1

Verify that the Everlast speed bag is laced up and tied at the top of the bag, similar to lacing up a shoe. This is only a concern if you unlaced the bag to replace the internal bladder. If you just bought the bag, it should already be laced up.

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Step 2

Attach the inflation needle to the hand pump and moisten the tip.

Step 3

Insert the needle into the small hole on the bottom of the Everlast speed bag.

Step 4

Pump the hand pump until all the wrinkles in the speed bag vanish and the skin feels smooth. Pump the handle one or two more times to give the bag more bounce and then remove the needle.

Step 5

Squeeze the speed bag to feel the resistance. A properly inflated bag should feel tight while enabling you to slightly push in the external skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand pump

  • Inflation needle


Give the speed bag a few extra pumps to quicken its response time. Just note that this adds stress to the bladder.

If you have trouble timing the bag or keeping it under control, insert the needle in the inflation hole and let some air out. Releasing just a small amount will slow down the bag.

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