Pink Pineapples May Be the New Unicorn Food, But What Are They?!

The latest brightly colored food trend to ravage your Instagram feed is finally here, and it's as strange as it is pretty to look at. Say hello to the pink pineapple.

The pink pineapple created by DelMonte and Dole boasts a beautiful rose-pink flesh and hot-pink skin that has social media all, "Unicorn latte who?" According to Well+Good, this new creation has been in the works since 2005 but was only approved by the Food and Drug Administration this past December.

The Big Ag duo is currently growing them in Hawaii, Costa Rica and Jamaica, and while they are just becoming available to the public, media outlets and influencers are already setting the stage for what will surely be the summer of the pink pineapple.

But while we're just as much about a cute pink fruit as the next guy, we're also into taking off those rose-colored glasses when it comes to fluorescent shades of fruit. Well+Good reports that these beautiful pineapples are genetically modified, so you may want to take a pause for reflection before digging into the pretty, pink flesh.

And according to PopSugar, the pineapple was genetically modified with lycopene, the pigment that's responsible for the bright hue of tomatoes and watermelon. It has also been modified to contain less bromelain enzyme, which can cause a mild burning sensation for some when they eat a regular pineapple. The result? A sweeter, pinker pineapple.

So before you go pink pineapple crazy, take into consideration it's been genetically modified to get that way. Thankfully these days it is more than easy to avoid GMO foods – simply stick to organic food and you can't go wrong. Organic food is the safest bet for those concerned about the safety of GM foods. Many supermarkets now carry a decent organic range, and farmer's markets are always a great option. Double check to make sure food bought from these markets is organic – just because it's fresh and local doesn't mean it's GMO-free.

Luckily, if you aren't into the whole GMO thing but still want to see something unusual, there are a slew of gorgeous, totally Instagram-worthy, natural foods out there that you can fawn over instead β€” like this beautiful rainbow corn or these colorful carrots.

Don't worry, we got you.

What Do YOU Think?

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