Benefits of Wearing a Sauna Suit

Sauna suits are primarily designed to help people quickly drop weight. The suit works by trapping your body's heat to elevate your temperature. The body reacts by releasing perspiration to cool down. The result of increased perspiration is the loss of water weight, which isn't a true, effective way to lose weight. Athletes classified by weight, such as wrestlers and boxers, have long employed sauna suits to quickly drop pounds prior to a match, allowing them to qualify for a lower weight class. The average fitness buff, however, should avoid using a sauna suit.

Lose Weight Quickly

Sauna suits can contribute to rapid weight loss, but this weight loss isn't true -- it's tied to your excessive sweating, not the burning of calories and subsequent burning of fat. As soon as you eat or drink after losing weight with a sauna suit, your weight will quickly increase.


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Cool Weather Workout Gear

What makes a sauna suit so successful for weight loss makes it useful in cold weather as well. During a workout, a person's body temperature elevates. A sauna suit keeps the body temperature higher, prevents heat from escaping and essentially provides a shell of warmth in cold weather.

Increases Circulation

While wearing a sauna suit, a person's metabolism and pulse rate increases, blood rushes to the skin's surface, vessels dilate and become much more flexible and circulation increases. The body's extremities benefit most from improved circulation. Another benefit is that blood is pumped away from the organs.