A 10-Minute Plyometric HIIT Workout for Stronger Abs

The 30-Day Abs Challenge focuses on strengthening your core and sculpting your midsection. Get all the details on the challenge here.

Plyometrics (aka jumping exercises) can add an extra challenge to even your highest-intensity workouts. Get a taste for plyo in the ab-sculpting HIIT workout above from Elise Joan, Beachbody trainer and creator of Barre Blend. All it takes is 10 minutes, and you don't need any equipment.

It's labeled as an ab workout, but don't be fooled: You'll work every other muscle group in your body, too — and get your heart rate way, way up.



Joan designed this routine as part of our 30-Day Abs Challenge, but you can do this workout even if you're not participating in the rest of the month-long program. Add the 10-move circuit to the end of your regular sweat session or repeat it two to three times for a standalone workout.

The Warm-Up

Do:​ 2 reps of each move. Alternate between the moves for 1 minute.


  1. Swimmer Hug:​ Swing your arms around the front of your body as if you were giving yourself a hug. Only swing your arms as far as is comfortable. You should feel only a slight stretch.
  2. Standing Hip Opener:​ From standing, draw one knee up toward your chest in front of your body, then rotate your hip so your knee points out to the side.

The Workout

Do:​ each of the following moves for 30 to 45 seconds, resting for 15 to 30 seconds before the next move.


  1. Squat to Walkout to Side Plank:​ This three-moves-in-one combo strengthens your whole body, particularly your abs and obliques.
  2. Squat Jump Pulse:​ Adding pulses to your squat jumps increases the time under tension, meaning you feel the burn faster. But you can take the jump and the pulse out for less impact.
  3. Lateral Lunge With Leg Lift:​ Target your hips while you challenge your obliques.
  4. High Knees:​ This cardio drill sends your heart rate sky rocketing. March in place if you need an alternative.
  5. Reverse Lunge to Front Kick:​ Amp up this traditional lower-body move with a kick to strengthen your abs. You can swap in a knee lift for the kick if you want.
  6. Cross-Body Mountain Climber:​ This mountain climber variation targets your obliques even more than the original.
  7. Navy Seal Drill:​ Make sure to keep your abs enjoyed throughout this high-intensity version of the Pilates rock 'n' roll exercise.
  8. Lateral Hop:​ Take a break from the front-to-back motions of everyday life with this side-to-side leap. Stepping out instead of leaping also works.
  9. Long Jump Backpedal:​ Channel you inner track and field athlete with this power move.



If you're just starting out, skip the jumping elements of the exercises, Joan says.

The Cooldown

Do:​ each stretch for 30 seconds.

  1. Quadriceps Hinge:​ Kneel with your butt on your heels. Place both hands behind your feet, fingers pointing forward, and press your hips up.
  2. Kneeling Rockstar:​ Reach your right arm over your head and to the left to stretch out the right side of your body. Switch sides.
  3. Single-Leg Hamstring Stretch:​ Sit and extend one leg out to the side. Bend your torso over to reach toward your foot. Switch sides.

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