10 Grocery List Apps That Make Shopping So Much Easier

Upgrade your grocery list game with these nifty apps.
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Technology has come so far (we landed a rover on Mars!), so why do we still depend on old-fashioned pen and paper to make our grocery lists?


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Enter, grocery list apps. Like your very own personal shopping assistant, these grocery apps help you save time, money and energy, Lauren Harris-Pincus, RDN, author of , tells LIVESTRONG.com.

Here are just a few ways grocery list apps can boost your weekly shopping experience:


  • You won't need a pen.​ No more digging into the bottom of your bag to find a pen or rewriting your list if (and there's a good chance) your piece of paper gets wet, ripped or lost, Harris-Pincus says.

  • You won't misplace your list.​ How many times have walked into the supermarket only to realize you've forgotten your shopping list at home? With an app, you'll never feel that frustration again as your list is always accessible on your phone.

  • You'll have access to your list all the time.​ No matter where you are, you can add or delete items when you want. You can even edit your list using voice activation instead of typing for maximum convenience, Harris-Pincus says.

  • You can seamlessly split the shopping duties​. Some apps allow you to easily share grocery lists with other members of your household, Harris-Pincus says.

  • You can stay organized.​ Grocery list apps let you keep all your lists for different stores in one place, Harris-Pincus says.

  • You can shop more efficiently.​ Some apps reorder items to match the layout of your supermarket to save time in the store, Harris-Pincus says.

  • You can keep track of healthy foods.​ "Using these lists is an excellent opportunity to make sure you purchase a certain number of produce items each trip and hopefully cut down on impulse buys of less nutritious foods," Harris-Pincus says. Some apps even provide the nutrition facts for whatever food you're buying.


10 Grocery Shopping List Apps

These 10 apps will simplify and streamline your supermarket shopping.

1. AnyList

With AnyList, you can share your grocery deets with as many people as you want. And it'll sync automatically whenever you make a change, so everyone's up to date with the latest version of the list.


You can also store (and organize) your recipes and easily add the ingredients to your shopping lists with a simple click.

Get it for iOS or Android.

2. Mealime

Mealime makes meal planning a picnic with customized recipe suggestions tailored to your dietary preferences and restrictions. The app automatically generates a grocery list of all the ingredients you'll need for the week whenever you create a new meal plan.

Even better, every meal plan is designed to reduce food waste, which is great news for the planet and your pocket.

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3. Out of Milk

With Out of Milk, you'll never have to run out of milk — or any other item — again as it helps you keep track of what's low in your fridge and pantry. The app also organizes your grocery list into categories and even offers pre-made grocery list templates for occasions like holidays to simplify stressful shopping.

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4. Listonic

Listonic makes smart suggestions based on your recurring shopping items to help you create lists lightning fast. And the app allows you to add prices to each item, so you can instantly calculate costs and budget better, saving you money on groceries.

Get it for iOS or Android.

5. Our Groceries

If you consider yourself a terrible typist, you'll be happy to learn that In Our Groceries lets you skip the typing and add items by scanning barcodes. And all your favorite grocery items, lists and recipes are routinely backed up online, so you never have to fret about losing your data.

Get it for iOS or Android.

6. Bring!

Hate it when your spouse buys the wrong brand of yogurt? With Bring!, you can upload and share photos of grocery items, so you always get the right product. And the app sends you monthly suggestions for seasonal grocery items in your region to help you shop more sustainably.

You can also scan and store loyalty cards in Bring!, so you never need to miss out on savings or discounts.

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7. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer is a terrific tool for busy families. A color-coded calendar helps you keep track of everyone's schedules while the "to do" function helps you create lists for everything from grocery shopping to other household errands. Helpful features — like a no-dim button that keeps your screen lit while you're trying to cook and follow a recipe — make life infinitely easier.

Get it for iOS or Android.

8. List Ease

List Ease makes budget shopping a breeze, helping you monitor your spending by scanning and saving receipts. The app even sends you push message alerts when someone on your shared list makes a purchase, so you're able to track grocery costs.

Get it for iOS or Android.

9. Yummly

If you need some cooking inspo, browse millions of recipes from top food bloggers or simply enter the ingredients you have on hand, and Yummly will generate recipe ideas. Either way, the app will create a grocery list for the items you need and categorize them by aisle to make your supermarket trip a cinch.

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10. Opt Up

If you're focused on eating healthier, this easy-to-use grocery list app by Kroger can help you make more informed food choices. You can scan an item to find better-for-you options based on nutrition facts and even connect with a registered dietitian in select markets for personalized suggestions.

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