3 Low-Impact Strength Workouts to Do When You Want a Quick Calorie Burn

For extra comfort, keep a mat handy for these low-impact HIIT workout videos.
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If you're searching for a calorie-torching workout on YouTube, oftentimes, that means lots of jump squats, burpees and jumping jacks. But you don't need to jolt your joints to strengthen your muscles and burn calories.


Wondering what alternatives are out there? These three 10-minute low-impact strength-training videos are right up your alley. You can do these in succession for a full 30-minute workout or keep your workouts bite-sized and spread them across the day or week.



Before you embark on one of these low-impact strength workouts, run through a few dynamic warm-up exercises to prep your muscles and keep them injury-free.

1. Strengthen Your Whole Body

Strengthen you whole body in just 10 minutes with this low-impact cardio workout, led by Keoni Hudoba, founder of core-intensive virtual training program COREntine. All you need is a medium-weight dumbbell and a few feet of space to get started.

2. Sculpt Your Legs and Butt

Follow Ingrid Clay, certified personal trainer and founder of ISC Wellness through a 10-minute resistance band workout that's full of controlled lower-body exercises. This workout wraps up with a few jump lunges, but you can modify with lunge pulses to keep things low-impact.

3. Tone You Abs

Only Luke Milton, certified personal trainer and founder of the online HIIT program Training Mate, can put a positive twist on an all-ab workout. Follow Milton through five ab-scorching exercises and you'll have a taut, terrific midsection in no time at all!


You can tack this quick core routine onto the end of any of the other videos or use it as a fiery finisher after your regular workout.



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